I believe that the best way to get permanent positive growth in our life is through intense coaching in a small group setting.  I focus on working with two specific types of groups:

  1. A group of individuals that may not know each other but share very similar goals
  2. A small group that may know each other and want to work toward a common goal or share in the experience of continual growth.

I believe that small group sessions are the most successful way to implement lasting positive change.  The reason is simple: small groups allow you to naturally form a creative mastermind (brains working together toward a common goal).  Napoleon Hill spoke about effective collective Mastermind groups as the key to success.  With a small group working towards the same goal (regardless of the goal), the positive results are amplified!  The group will work separately with the Thinking into Results program but come together for group calls bi-monthly for six months.  This allows you to have the best of both worlds:  individualized learning with the material but with a small intimate group in which you can share stories and successes as you become more of who you have the potential to be.  If you are interested in working with a small group of 4-6 individuals that will push and challenge you in new and profound ways, than this is the path you should take.

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