I am a Dentist and Thinking into Results certified coach who helps clients get more of what they want in their life. I work with individuals, groups and companies to guide them into discovering their deepest desires and goals. Through a 24 week transformative process, I work with my clients bi-weekly to make sure that they achieve the results they are looking for.  I have been studying my own personal growth and development for almost a decade. I decided that the information and passion I had for helping patients achieve their goals, could be used to help clients all over the world.  As a result, my dream of creating a business that focuses on getting results for clients has turned into a reality.

I travel across the country and study intensely on how personal growth and development can change individuals’ lives in new and profound ways.  I have used the methods I now teach to create two thriving business, be named a mentor at one of the world’s most prestigious business development programs for Dentists, The Schuster Center, write and self-publish a book, and speak nationally to fellow Dentists and clients about how they can change their lives and businesses in ways never thought possible.  If you would like to create the life or business (or both!) you’ve been dreaming of, contact me by phone at (828) 490-7120 or by email at steve@mountainskycoaching.com.

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