Who is Driving Your Bus?

I want you to think about the title of this article and then ask yourself that question again. Like many of you reading this, I never took the time to fully explore that question when I first started practice. I spent the first three years of my professional life straining and striving to create my vision of an “ideal practice.” I was told that practice ownership is full of struggles and hardships. I was told that you need to pay your dues so to speak. I knew I would be successful with my practice; I just had to find the right information. And so I went looking for the Holy Grail as to what an ideal practice would be for me. Sadly, I didn’t even know that that holy grail was. And if you don’t know what something looks like, how will you ever know when you find it?

I have learned from many great mentors that you need to have the vision to move in any direction. The vision drives the actions you take. I couldn’t agree more with that statement. Sadly, most dentists don’t think about the life they want to create in addition to the practice. In dentistry today, we are bombarded with the constant messages of production and new patients. That is the name of the game according to most. Often neglected, however, is the question of what kind of life do you want to live? Do you want to control your practice or do you want your practice to control you?

Upon examination, I was discovering very quickly that I had the equation reversed. I was letting my practice create my life and not letting my life create my practice. When you have the equation reversed, you are in a no-win situation.

What did I do when I discovered the equation was flipped? I started to create the vision of the life I wanted to live first. From, there I designed a practice model that worked for me. I wanted to travel more with my wife. I wanted to lecture more. I wanted to help dentists create lives of freedom and peace. I knew that the current structure of my practice would never allow that. I decided to not become a victim of my circumstances. I was not going to let my practice drive my life. When I stepped up and took the wheel, things in my life started to change. I am now living a life more true to myself than I ever thought possible. I am helping dentists across the country take back control and freedom for themselves.

What dentists need to understand is that there is no joy in producing millions, having 50+ new patients a month if they don’t genuinely enjoy it. And, unfortunately, the larger and more production driven the practice becomes, the harder it is to scale it back! The dentists unknowingly created a monster they will never be able to tame!

So, ask yourself this question. Who is driving the bus; you or your practice? Your success and happiness may depend on the answer!

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To Your Success,

Steven Schluentz, DDS
CEO Mountain Sky Coaching, LLC

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