The Importance of Setting Goals Outside of Your Comfort Zone

The key to achieving your goals and unlocking your potential starts with changing your mindset. By making a conscious effort to shift your daily focus on your life goals, you can transform your thinking into results. I truly believe in the idea that Bob Proctor promotes that you were born rich. Everything that you need in order to accomplish your goals is already within you. Though you may not now realize it, either because you’re in a place of comfort in your life, or because you feel that change is impossible, you have a world of potential inside you that’s just waiting to be unlocked.

This process of leading a rich, happy, and fulfilling life first starts with stretching beyond your comfort zone because that’s where personal growth begins. But in order to do this, you have to set a goal and commit yourself towards pursuing it. Of course, if you’re like most people, you probably have many goals that you hope to achieve in your lifetime. So you may be wondering, which goal do I focus on?

I like to think that there are three different types of goals, A Goals, B Goals, and C Goals. A Goals are goals that you already know how to achieve. Which actually makes them not very much like goals at all and not really worth your time because they do nothing to promote your personal growth. B Goals are goals that you think you may be able to achieve. Even though you may have to work at these goals, they’re not the type that will push you to become your greatest self. The type of goals that you want to focus on are C Goals. C Goals are goals that you know you can achieve, but don’t know how to get there.

The only way to achieve the growth that necessary to get you to a point of happiness in your life is by focusing on C Goals. Once you have that goal, you’re going to want to take Bob’s advice. Write it down on a card, then put that card in your pocket, and read it as many times a day as you can. Though you may think this is such a simple thing to do, I can promise you that there is merit in taking this small action. I know this because it’s actually one of the first things that I did in the course of my training with Bob and Sandy. And I can tell you that since taking this simple step, my life has changed dramatically.

If what you’re doing right now isn’t working, then it’s time to try something else. Once you commit yourself to your goal and develop a mindset of persistence, you can have anything you seriously want. Always remember, magic happens outside of your comfort zone.

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