Accomplish More In Less Time

When was the last time you behaved like a fly trying to escape through the glass of a window pane?

A time when you were convinced that a certain approach would generate the results you wanted, when, in reality, it was never going to work?

Even if you can’t name it, you know you’ve experienced it. We all have.

The question is how do you banish that kind of behavior in the future?

The answer: You increase your awareness.

As Bob indicated in the video, the results you get in life are an expression of your level of awareness. As your awareness expands, you move from darkness to light. From being stuck to being free.

While becoming more aware won’t always result in a big leap in your effectiveness, it will allow you to do two things…

You’ll be able to recognize when you are stuck more quickly. And you’ll know that it’s time to adopt a new approach.

Now that you realize trying harder isn’t necessarily the solution to achieving more be on the lookout for telltale signs that you are trying too hard.

For example, some people…

Don’t set healthy boundaries.
√  Toil tirelessly over the same task
√  Don’t live according to their values
√  Can’t say no
√  Refuse to ask for help

Do you ever do any of those things?

Take a minute to think about it, and then make a list of the specific things you do when you try too hard.

Then, keep those things in mind as you move forward. Be mindful of situations where your determined effort isn’t getting you very far. Remember the fly in the windowsill with its whining wings as it burned out the last of its short life’s energies.

And then, try another approach, something dramatically different. Don’t remain so locked in on the idea that your particular route offers the most promise for success.

Keep looking for ways to multiply yourself. You’ll do it by increasing your level of awareness.

When was the last time you were working hard and getting nowhere? What were the signs that you were overdoing it? Did you give it up and try another approach?

Steve Schluentz is a Dentist and Thinking into Results certified coach who’s passion is helping people get what they want in life.  Call (828) 490-7120; email:

Article credit: Sandy Gallagher, Proctor Gallagher Institute

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